New & Updated Integrations (v2023)

From medical record services to eSignature, litigation support and even accounting and financial solutions - Take a look at our newest integrations.


  • Case Status ( ) - Client portal for law firms, providing an all-in-one information hub for your clients; case updates, portal access, automation, appointments, and more all on an app on your client's phone. Advanced client service platform drives fewer, more meaningful interactions by integrating with case management software to enhance the client journey and improve satisfaction.

  • CaseWorks ( - Offers expert case development support for law firms who are looking to avoid the cost, stress and frustration that often comes with hiring additional support staff. We handle the entire case development process from intake through filing.

  • Courtroom Sciences ( - Partners with law firms throughout the entire litigation lifecycle - for Medical Record services and beyond - from the moment a crisis occurs through discovery, witness deposition training, settlement strategy, trial preparation, jury selection and trial.

  • EvenUp ( ) - Powered by millions of records, EvenUp turns medical docs and case files into AI-driven demand packages for injury lawyers.

  • Intaker ( - Helps law firms manage leads, set reminders, log calls, and follow up, in one convenient location.

  • Kenect ( Builds simple texting tools that are elegant and easy-to-use. Thousand of companies across North America use our platform to text their customers, generate online reviews, gather leads from their websites and video chat.

  • LawFund ( - Has been helping accident victims with their financial struggles for over 12 years . Whether it’s $500 or $100,000, Lawfund can help advance money for all types of accidents, regardless of when they occurred.

  • Milestone ( - A premier settlement planning and administration firm. Our team works with trial lawyers and their clients to serve as a partner in the present and an advocate for the future.

  • Milestones ( - Client portal automatically sends custom text messages to notify your client of a status update. Clients can log in to the software by simply clicking a link.

  • OnTask ( - Simplify business processes and get contracts, quotes and paperwork signed faster with a no-code, no-nonsense workflow automation software for forms, documents, and signatures.

  • PowerBI [from Microsoft] ( - A collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

  • Precision Data Capture ( ) - An innovative solution that is a combination of record retrieval experience and precision technology, supported by a caring team dedicated to access, speed, and value.

  • ProofServ ( - A single platform to save legal teams loads of time. Create serve requests across all 50 states and follow progress with live updates, keeping track of everything along the way.

  • Truve ( ) - A next-generation platform that provides real-time end-to-end intelligence about your law firm, clients, and market to fuel your growth. Access insights from convenient customizable dashboards, plan your company growth and scale your firm efficiently.

  • Twilio ( Build deeper customer relationships at scale with a messaging platform based on trust, quality, and choice - Twilio MessagingX.


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