NEW Outlook Plugin (for Mac and Browser)


1. Click on Manage Add-ins.
On Desktop Outlook client, click File and then select Manage add-ins:

In the browser, click Options (gear icon) and then select Manage add-ins under General:

Can’t find the Manage add-ins option for Outlook in the browser?
Use this link:

2. Click plus icon and then select Add from a URL.

If your version of Outlook doesn’t have “Add from a URL” option, you can download the below file and use “Add from a file” option.

** If you are having trouble, please contact your IT team

3. Add the following URL and click Next and then click Install.

Server or Dedicated Cloud Users
If you are using SmartAdvocate installed on your server or dedicated cloud server the URL for manifest will be different. part will be replaced with your server full name.
** If you are having trouble, please contact your IT team

4. Click Ok to finish the installation.

Using the Plugin

When plugin is installed you will see SmartAdvocate icon(s) which will allow you to open SmartAdvocate panel. The location of the icon will depend on the version of Outlook you are using.

Outlook in the browser:

Windows Desktop Outlook (Mac version looks similar):

The first time the panel is shown you will need to login. Use your SmartAdvocate credentials.

After that you can pick an option to Add Email/Attachments to Documents section or to Add Email to Notes section.

If you already logged in you can pick the option by pressing corresponding SA button (Desktop Outlook) or menu option (Browser Outlook).


Select the case, fill out the rest of the parameters and press Add Button.



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