July 2023 SmartAdvocate Software Release 4 Part Weekly Workshop

In this 4-Part Workshop, attendees joined Claude Simpson, Head of Training, to learn about our latest annual release.

Workshop Series Weeks 1-4:

1st Workshop: June 22nd:
Claude reviewed 2 new features and introduced one of our new integration partners

6/22 Agenda:
- Redesigned Case Wizard (Intake Wizard) (05:16)
- Ryan Sessler, President of Lawfund (36.07)
- Client Fillable Questionnaire (UDF) (45:26)

Claude’s PowerPoint Presentation Also Included Here



2nd Workshop: June 29th: Claude reviewed 3 new features and introduced another of our newest integration partners

6/29 Agenda:
- Case Tags & Document Tags (02:50 and 17:09)
- External Document Share w/Doc Upload (21:35)
- Mallary Whitten, Sr. Acct. Executive, OnTask (25:40)
- Folder View w/Multiple Sub-Folders (for doc pg) (41:17)
- New Custom Panels (53:34)

Claude’s PowerPoint Presentation Also Included Here





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